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SAWAH - INSIDE INFO #2 (out of 10)

Arabesque has almost doubled in size to over 43 dancers and musicians for SAWAH. On top of that, everyone is getting in everyone's business. 

Bassam makes it known where he thinks hand movements should be added or when dancers should face up or down stage. Watching him demonstrate a Bellydance move when trying to explain a point of view is precious. And Yasmina often has input musically about how she needs a piece to begin or end but now she has much more input to the musical arrangement all around, let alone finally convincing Bassam and Suleiman to play five pieces in SAWAH that they previously refused to. Last few Drum Solos Suleiman has composed have come complete with choreography notes for certain parts. Yup, Bassam and Suleiman are now choreographers and Yasmina is a musical arranger.

SAWAH is all about collaboration between East and West, music and dance, Ontario and Quebec.

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Musicians in Arabesque studio - SAWAH


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