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February 26, 2016


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George Sawa

This is so moving and so instructive. In the end, hard work really pays off. I was especially moved when I read that he cried in Toronto at the IBCC, saying he did not realize that people really cared about what he had to say. What a sweetheart this man is, and what a pleasure and honour to have met him. Again, thank you Yasmina for all your efforts! George Sawa.


Dear Yasmina,
It must be some miss understanding in the interview. I perform all the dances with my company in the Celebration 50 Anniversary of the Reda Troupe in the Library of Alexandria (not only 5-6) , the completely show, 2009. The other shows with other countries was 2007 y 2008 the show was The World Dance with Mahmoud Reda. Regards!


My former teacher Amir Thaleb actually has a dance school, it's a building which includes a small theater inside, and he named the theater "Sala Mahmoud Reda". Good thing that he has a little theater in his name already while he can see it!

Ariane Vega

Thank you so much for sharing these gems of inspiration and wisdom!
You are such a good person Yasmina! It literaly comes out of you writting!
Can't wait for the book...😊

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