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In Praise of the Deep End

Call to Bellydancers:

After you have enjoyed loosening up your midriff, putting some steps together, received some positive feedback from being on stage and felt beautiful in a gorgeous sparkly outfit, I urge you to look deeper into Bellydance. If not, you are so missing out on the best stuff. What you have experienced so far are only the outer trappings of a profound, ancient and rich heritage. What you have experienced so far is like the air pumped ice cream in the discount supermarket. Once you have tried Haagen Das, you can appreciate what ice-cream can really offer.

Discover the experience of Tarab and melt when listening to classical Arab music or a taqsim or mawaal. Discover how every woman has within her the fascinating character of the noble Upper Egyptian girl, the exuberance behind the veiled Saudi woman, the strong and powerful maalema, the youthful proud Hagallah or the Alexandrian flirt. With deep meaning based in socio-political history and real emotion based on a rich musical tradition embedded in your every move, you will experience a joy that spills over throughout all of your life and washes over others around you.

Don't miss out by staying in the shallow end of the pool.


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Joharah Kolishenco

Really love your writing Yasmina! Thank you for sharing.


Yasmina, thank you for your beautiful comments on the Real Dance. I became intoxicated with the deeper aspect of belly dance when I was 20 years old, living in Toronto. I was also deep into Sufism at the time. My dance teacher for many years was the first school of belly dance in Toronto. Her name is Maria Morca. She moved to California and is now in Washington - and still performing and teaching in her 80's - belly dance and flamenco. Our troup had a wonderful time, performing at the Eaton's Centre and a few other places. I don't remember them all - I am 66 years old now. When she left, our girls joined up with Chez Freddy's. Do you remember him? He certainly had a different style and approach to the business. Anyway, if I wasn't living 2 hours away from your school I'd sooo be there! I had been teaching it, and would again if I can shake off the rust. I have never been able to find a decent school here for this art. So, I thirst for the sweet waters of the deep end. Thank you, Yasmina, for keeping the true dance alive and sharing it's heart, and yours with us.

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