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Was Wondering if a Dancer Owns Much?

I know there are too many Bellydancers out there who will role their eyes and relate...

Email received this morning similar to many emails I get.
"I was wondering if you'd tell me how I could become an arabic/belly dancer? It's hard to find classes online and I was wondering if a dancer owns much?"

My answer:
"To learn any art form seriously enough to call oneself a proponent of it, one needs to study with master teachers in person for years. Online classes do not offer feedback to further your progress. Of all art forms dance is the most disciplined and takes many years of hard work. Research to find a good teacher in your city or move to Cairo where there are many excellent teachers or to a city where a master teacher lives. The best of Luck."


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Ha! Our society thrives on the need for instants gratification, and sadly this relates to most arts, in particular, oriental dance where it looks effortless and therefore it must be. The reality is that that effortlessness that a dance artist portrays is the result if years of dedication. She, and other new students always eventually come to that conclusion, but it's still interesting to see how prevalent this idea still is in respect to middle eastern dance. :)

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