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Wisdom Words From Elena

For this week's Blog Post, I thought I would share the wisdom of Elena Lentini. Eleven days ago on January 27th, I wrote a Blog Post called The Truth; Bitter & Sweet. It spoke of a lesson I learned that involved Elena Lentini, dancer/choreographer extraordinaire form NYC. I notified her by email that I had mentioned her with the link to the post. The following is the email she wrote back to me. I was touched by the email and I loved her words of wisdom so I asked if I could share to which she agreed. The dot,dot,dots and italics are all hers. I did not delete anything. This is exactly as she wrote it. I bolded the words of wisdom part. (If you have not read the Jan. 27  blog post, you might want to do so first to put this one in context -

Dear Yasmina, thank you for getting in touch, through com/blog... I`m surprised and really feel terrible about this.
..........."you look very beautiful up there on the stage".......  I`m sure you were very beautiful, in more ways then one"
I`m so sorry for not saying more.....please accept my apology so many years later. we`re so sensitive, include me.....,
especially immediately after a performance, I`ve suffered also with similar comments or lack of...we need to wear blinders
and earplugs and run away quickly, before a word is said good or bad or lack of.... takes a lifetime in the arts to realize we can`t or shouldn't  let critics, the public or "other performers" .
critiques take a moment of valuable time away from our search to fulfill our art  spirit......
with deep respect and hope to meet again, elena 
Thank you Elena <3


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