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Bellydance as Sexualized Spectacle
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Only One New Year Resolution For 2016

In January of 2014, I published my nine New Year resolutions in this blog but I only accomplished them in 2015 as follows:

1/ Dance alone in the studio more.

2/ No more smoking except for the occasional shisha.

3/ Meditate more. 

4/ Remind myself everyday how lucky I am.

5/ Savour every interaction with all those I cross paths with.

6/ Keep seeking truth and love.

7/ Stop censoring myself in an effort not to offend others.

8/ Be fearless about my vision of Bellydance or whatever this art form is called.

9/ Pull out all the stops - this is the year we liberate Bellydance from the cage of sequins and the like.

I have only one 2016 New year resolution and it is to quit being so busy and stop to smell the roses...and jasmin...and lilacs.




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Diana Diane Adams

No time like the present to "stop and smell the roses". But for me it doesn't necessarily mean relax and do nothing. For me, it was wresting myself away from my former image as an admin assistant which I loathed for 48 years, and adopting a new career of being a fitness instructor and an independent contractor. Never thought I'd have the guts to do this as I always received a regular paycheck with bennies. This switch has shown me my creative side, it has put me more in touch with the Universe as I see it supporting my efforts, even when I think all is lost. It has re-kindled my love of belly dance. To me, this is truly "smelling the roses."

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